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We installed some new mats for better cow comfort. Had to try them out first too. We have happy cows at Plenty-Good.


L-R Show days are hard on everyone.     Plenty-Good XL Mystique-RC EX91  93MS as a 3 yr. old., Mystique was Grand Champion at National Lineback Show in Centre Hall,Pa. in 2011. She is the dam of Mystic-Red at Taurus. She milked up to 130lbs a day.                                                                                                                    Udder shot of Mystique.

 Surprise Ex94 94MS

(known as the highest scored Lineback cow in the country!)

Grand Champion 2007 & 2009 National Lineback Show. Grand Champion Lebanon Area Fair & Elizabethtown Fair 2009, and Supreme Champion at E-town, also Reserve Grand Champion at 2011 National Lineback Show. Surprise is probably one of the largest Lineback cows you have ever laid eyes on, weighing in around 2100lbs.

Surprise Pictured Dry as a 10yr old

The above photo is Surprise as a 2yr old scored VG89 with the make-up to go EX90.

*The classifier told us when he made her 94 points of few years ago, Surprise is the poster child for the Lineback breed!

Misty-RC Ex90 90MS

Our first homebred Excellent, also the dam to three lovely up and coming daughters. Her oldest daughter went EX 91 93MS as a 3 yr. old.( Mystique-RC)  (she is pictured above), she is over 1/2 way thru her 3rd lactation. Mystique is the dam of Mystic-Red at Taurus. Her 2nd daughter (Mystery-RC) is fresh milking over 100lbs as a 3yr. old and looks great, she scored VG85 as a 2yr. Her 3rd daughter (Memorial-RC) is just fresh the first time and looks super.

Can't resist.  These red M&M's melt your heart not in your hands.

Can't resist.  These red M&M's melt your heart not in your hands

 Luddys Rapsody-ET

She was being shown at the Lebanon Area Fair in 2011 by our daughter Royell in the senior 2yr. old class. We seldom show holsteins, the Lebanon Fair has tremendous group of holsteins shown.

"Plenty-Good Son Inky-Red"

Inky is a homebred cow out of a homebred  R+W bull that we kept to use on our heifers. You could say she's Bob and Royell's baby. They own her in a partnership.

The first time she was scored she went EX91 MS-EX95!

She is currently scored EX91 MS-EX93

She is due to calf in April with her 7th calf before she turns eight in May!

Dandy VG88, Misty EX90, Surprise EX94, Sprinkle GP84 

 2011 National Jr show ,Grand Champ.Plenty-Good XL Mystique,Ry Bashore, Res. Grand Champ. HC-Gen Regiment Surprise,Royell Bashore, Jr Champ. Mar-De Rosebud-Red,Deidra Bollinger, Res. Jr. Champ. Ayr-Back Joe Emma, Abbigail Doak, Judge, Gary Mase.