Lineback dairy cattle make great 4-H and FFA projects. *Lineback's are doctile and very adaptable. They are also good grazers' and are "dark hooved" so they do very well in a freestall operations or in a tiestall barn like we have. Linebacks milk very well with good components. They have very good longevity and good fertility, they also are very good cows when crossing a Lineback on other dairy breeds if YOU are into crossbreeding. Coincidently you can register in the ALCR  the resulting offspring as Linebacks, as long as your calves have a white line down there back and the sire is a registered bull. Lineback bulls make great calving ease sires too.

 (L-R) *Various color patterns

Classic White Witrick (most dominate pattern)

Glouchester (white garters at top of legs)

Dark-Sided Witrick

Dark-Speckle Witrick


For more info about Linebacks- Please feel free to visit the Official  American Lineback  Cattle Website

Although we sre no longer involved with the Association besides by normal membership, if you cant find what your looking for or don't get a reply from the ALCR please feel free to contact us we have many documents and such that are and aren't available on their website