Oct .Ry and Sarah got married.

June was very,  very, very busy at Plenty-Good Dairy! Not only did we have normal farm work and of course field work but our oldest son, Ry  graduated from Northern Lebanon High School. So we now have two kids done with school! We had family visiting from Australia for 10 days and our oldesr daughter, Royell got married to her long time boyfriend Terry Smith  and we gained a son!

Ry graduated  Magma Cum Laud.

A new  journey of life begins for Mr. & Mrs. Smith! Above  are two pictures we love of  Royell and Terry.  The right photo placed 5th at the Lebanon Area Fair. It is one of the favorite photos of the wedding. The cow picture is "Plenty-Good Dundee Promise-RC" VG88 90MS. Linebacks hold a special place in Royell's heart and this cow is out of "Precious" (her very first Lineback our Matriarch)

Up to date family pic. L-R Ravyn, Ry, Plenty-Good Dundee Promise-RC VG88 90MS,  Terry and Royell SMITH, Maze, Sherry, Plenty-Good Son Inky-RED EX90 93MS,  Bob and  Millena

Both cows are owned by Royell and now Terry! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Smith!!

It was cool to flip open the book to Lineback bulls in early 2015 and see both "Pro" and "Mystic" pictured!! We always get a sense of pride and honor when seeing that our Farm was represented in the Taurus, book not just the price sheet!!

It was always a dream, to have a bull in a stud somewhere, so glad to have accomplished that goal!! 

Because of these bulls we are known globally! And we cant thank Taurus enough for giving us a chance and for helping us meet another goal of helping to better the American Lineback Genetics with our Bloodlines!!!



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This page is a new page started by us,  where the goal is to create a group- where we can discuss different breeding strategies and post pictures of the results of our breeding programs without worrying about stepping on any toes. There is no interested in giving anyone a hard time or creating drama. Its a forum where we can share breeding philosophies without judgment or ties to a breed association!  We hope you will consider Joining the Group, we promise you won't be disappointed

In 2014 our trailer got a makeover!


In September 2014 at the All-American Dairy Show/PA State Jr. Show our middle child, Millena (Lena) ran against 3 other contestants in her age group -in an interview for the title of  "Pennsylvania Brown Swiss Princess"

  We are proud to say Lena now holds this title!


Back in June the RWDCA posted on the American Lineback Facebook page that they were looking for Production records at 305days from the year 2013- from Red Linebacks. The top 5 animals in each breed the RWDCA recognizes would be posted in the RED BLOODLINES! --The photo above was what was Posted in the Red Bloodlines.

Here at plenty-Good Dairy we are very proud of our Linebacks RED OR BLACK!


Did you see our 2014 AD in the Red Bloodlines when they Featured the American Linebacks!!?? 

$1900 one month old calf!

After some time, we finally convinced a Friend/Neighbor to use Lineback semen as "clean up" on his registered herd of Holsteins!

Of course he got two heifers calves and sold one on our county All Breeds calf sale here in Lebanon Co. and never in a million years did he think she'd sell so well! 

We have a feeling it wont take to much convincing for him to use LB semen next time!