About Us

Bob & Sherry Bashore Family (Fall 2018) --LEFT- Ry (20) and his new wife Sarah, Millena (18) Bob, Sherry, KNEELING- Maze (12), Ravyn (16), Terry and Royell Smith (25) holding our FIRST grandchild- Tucker Smith(11m)

We got started with Linebacks back in 2002, when our oldest daughter Royell was at the age of 9, and looking for her first 4-H animal. We purchased two calves both under one month old, from the Don Marsh,of Marathon, NY. "Marsh's Precious" (Royell's calf- who would later go on to greatly impact the American Lineback Breed- she is Pro's Dam) and "Marsh's Marble".

We milk 2X a day in a 56 tie stall barn have approximately 80 cows.(this number tends to flux due to our switch cows)  A little under 1/2 the milking herd is Holsteins and Red and Whites, 1/2 are Linebacks, and then we have four Milking Shorthorns, four Crossbreds, two Ayrshires, one Guernsey and one Jersey.

*All colored cows are classified at least once a year- we classify twice a year. Our dairy is on DHIA and our "herd average" is approximately 23,000m. as of April of 2016! Our "Holsteins" average- 25,000 Our "Linebacks"- 23,000 and our "Colored Cows" (anything not Holstein or Lineback) average- 20,800

Some information you might find interesting to know about our Lineback Dairy Cattle; We have sold Linebacks as far North as New York, Connecticut, and Wisconsin. And as far south as North Carolina, Louisiana. We also have sold bulls to Puerto Rico and many places in between. Lineback semen is another thing we sell and we are ecstatic to be able to say we have sold Lineback semen all across the United States!

 We feel blessed and very fortunate to have had great success with many, many repeat buyers. 

Plenty-Good Dairy would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the  buyers of Lineback Cattle and Semen in 2018.

 Please contact us with your Lineback needs for 2019-20 and beyond!

 We also want to say a big THANK YOU to our oldest daughter Royell-for helping us create this website and a facebook profile years ago, (without her input, sometimes we would'nt know what to do)  -Love, Mom & Dad