Half Mile Acres is home to John and Barb Hammarlund of North Guilford, Connecticut- they have been friends with us for many years now. Our kids call them "Uncle John and Aunt Barb". They are great advocates for the American Lineback Dairy Cattle Breed! Barb has been very involved in the ALCR although like us isn't currently involved.

The Hammarlunds , first started buying a few heifers and calves to show and it turned into a love/passion for the breed the couple had no idea it would. They  live on a small "Farmette" and don't milk cows- so eventually there beloved show heifers- have to come back to calf here to PA and then John and Barb start over with new ones sometimes even the babies of "their girls". But don't let that sadden you, all of barbs girls know her well!!-All she has to do is walk in our dairy barn and start talking and her girls all know who she is and are more than ready for all her loving!

Most of "their girls" end up joining our Show string which usually is around 25-30 head of mixed breeds (we have 5 kids-what did u expect!)  

 In 2013 Royell helped Uncle John and Barb at the Durham Fair, and this past year Royell showed at the Durham Fair in CT! She placed 8th in the Adult Showmanship class (considering she never walked/worked with her animal  "Prestige" before we were impressed! Her heifer also won Res. Grand Champion!