We have 6 consignments going on the National Sale. The sale is April 8 2017,at 12:00 held at Kish Valley Dairy Sales.April 7th from 7-9pm is sale preview. The annual meeting will follow the sale. See sale consignment page.

2016 National Sale.... there wasn't one....? The first year since the ALCR (formally ALDCR) started that they didn't have one, just wondering what the founding fathers would think. (that's just our two cents anyways)

2017 National Lineback Sale - APRIL 8, 2017


The 24th (Sorta) annual sale usually starts at 12:00 noon.

The annual meeting of the ALDCR (now ALCR) generally will follow the sale.

We encourage you to stay for the meeting - its important/ very crucial that you know what's really going on!

Hope to see you there! Make sure to stop one of us and say Hello!

*DONT FORGET TO BRING SEMEN TANK, we will have ours!!!!

 Thanks to ALL the Buyers of Plenty-Good animals this past year!! 

Good luck with your animals!! Keep us posted on how they are doing!