Are you looking to buy?? We'd love to help you out- We sell Lineback Calves, Heifers and Bulls! And on occasion Cows- though not normally but we do, have and will sell them!

 Our Motto- "Every animal has a price..." whether we really want to sell it or not, we know it gets our name out there and that means a lot!

*Something to keep in mind- if your looking to buy bulls from us... your best bet is to buy them as calves, we always keep Lineback bulls but they seem to sell fast due to demand and we don't always have any left that make it to breeding age.

Are you interested in anything we have pictured??

*We surely don't have everything we have For Sale pictured we have to milk the cows sometime!

 Soo... Shoot us an email or give us a call!!!

Looking for something a little more particular- call and ask we may be able to help or point you in a direction of someone else who may have what you're looking for!!!


***Please Note--We also have a tendency to sell Shorthorn Bulls- Brown Swiss heifer calves (out of good showy bloodlines (EX90 pt.cow(s))  As well as the occasional Red and White heifer calves! -Disclaimer, now don't get us wrong you're not going to get an "All American winner" but we have milk and overall "good milk cow" quality to put behind it!

If you were wondering why.....We sell Linebacks, because we're known for them  and we have one of the biggest  herds in PA. But our other cattle breeds we sell "occasionally are due to our lack of room on our farm- we milk around 85 cows (our barn holds 56- and we switch the rest!) and we always seem to have plenty of heifers! 

More pictures coming soon along with information of heifers for sale.